About Us

JNV Jamnagar Alumni Association is a NON-PROFIT organization, registered with government of Gujarat, India. Its members are only students graduated from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Aliabada, Jamnagar.

JNV Jamnagar it is one of the top most schools in Jamnagar area not only for its achievements in academics but for its excellence in every field like sports, co-curricular activities, cultural functions, social services etc towards local society and the nation at large.

Vision / Objective:

JNV Jamnagar Alumni Association is established with the following as it's initial vision:

  • JNV Jamnagar Alumni Association is a platform for alumni and students from all batches of JNV Aliabada, Jamnagar to network with each other, socially and professionally.
  • With our alumni living throughout the world, you are an important member of a network comprised of doctors, engineers, scientists and various other professionals. We're extremely proud of the accomplishments of our alumni, and we want you to stay connected.
  • To provide financial assistance to needy JNV Jamnagar alumni students for further studies beyond class XII.
  • To assist JNV Jamnagar in achieving further excellence in admission, academics with local district level activities.
  • To induct and groom the younger generation of JNV Jamnagar to carry forward the glory of the JNV and the cater belongingness to the institute and the motherland.


  • This website is open for all JNV Aliabada, Jamnagar alumni students. Members are chosen through a web registration form and verification of the submitted details.
  • Here we will provide opportunities for networking with other alumni members, and to strengthen the relationship between Alumni and Students.
  • Please always feel free to contact us to let us know what you expect from us.


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batch moderator


Govind Dhaida

Joining Year : 1987


Joining Year : 1987

Khima Rudach

Joining Year : 1988

Vinod Khara

Joining Year : 1988